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Electronic music & acoustic drums 

22-06-08 INK ∏ Bartosch Salmanski - 0202.jpg

(c) Bartosch Salmanski @ La Laiterie, Strasbourg

(c) Alice Khol

Surrounded by a unique cockpit of drums and electronics, Brussels-based drummer and producer Antoine Pierre has created a collection of samples that he organically mixes in real time with his own drum grooves.


After a first solo EP in 2021, VAAGUE collaborates with Le Motel for Kintsugi, Dorian Dumont for Reshaped or Jean-Paul Estiévenart for Wraath: three of the five tracks with incisive and in-your-face energy of his second EP "From the Ashes" (October 2022, Shapes no Frame & [PIAS] Belgium). 


Whether it's pulsating synthesizers, snippets of otherworldly vocals, or enchanted and murky spurts of sound, each electronic element blends seamlessly into the rhythms played live by Antoine. Sometimes hypnotic and captivating, then blossoming on downtempo dub vibrations, but always inventive and surprisingly layered: VAAGUE is the colorful gateway to an exciting musical universe. 


Next to his bands URBEX (jazz) and Next.Ape (trip-hop/rock/jazz), Antoine Pierre (BE) extends his musical spectrum even further with this breathtaking and poetic solo project of electronic music. 

RESHAPED (single from the second EP RESHAPED, Nov. 2022)

Music by VAAGUE and Dorian Dumont

Video by Vincent Blairon and Antoine Delforge


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Credits: Filmed by Antoine Delforge & Vincent Blairon

Edited by Vincent Blairon

Prod Paméla Malempré

With Jonathan Crott and Antoine Pierre 


Drums, live-sampling (Sensory Percussion) by Antoine Pierre aka VAAGUE  &  Acoustic piano by Dorian Dumont

Recorded by Vincent de Bast at Jet Studio, Brussels, September 2022 Mixed by Jean Vanesse at greenHouse studio, Beaumont (BE)

Mastered by Mark Bihler at Calyx Mastering, Berlin

3 tracks in a row! 

From the first EP (oct 2021).

Filmed at Théâtre Mercelis, Ixelles.

Filmed by Antoine Delforge, Daniel Lo Presti and Vincent Blairon Edited by Vincent Blairon.

Recorded by Vincent De Bast Mixed by Jean Vanesse (greenHouse studio) Mastered by Mark Bihler (Calyx)

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