URBEX Suspended

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Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet

Bert Cools - guitar, electronics

Bram De Looze - piano

Félix Zurstrassen - electric bass

Antoine Pierre - drums

Frédéric Malempré - percussions


Ben Van Gelder - sax

Reinier Baas - guitar

Jozef Dumoulin - rhodes


Suspended' sounds like a new, exciting story with very surprising twists: the new album of Antoine Pierre Urbex Electric.

Luminous Dash (Be)

Each piece is remarkably intelligent, complex but playful - this can be felt in the almost jovial playing of each musician -, worked, interpreted with care, while keeping an airy lightness.

La Revue Du Spectacle (Fr) 

Suspended (live at Flagey) is a grand and compelling piece of work. Driven by drive and groove in a grand sounding, magnificently arranged whole in which every musician has the space to show his talents. With bandleader and composer Antoine Pierre as great hero in between. His talent shines through throughout the recordings and makes him the jazz world star in the making.

Written in Music (Nl)

Suspended is full of dynamics. It's fixed: this is one to be listened to repeatedly and to be immersed from head to toe every time. Remember that this was a live recording, because that only makes it more intense. Davis could not have wished for a more beautiful tribute.

Dansande Beren (Be)

"Suspended" is URBEX' third repertoire, but also the first live recording of this adventurous band created in 2014. This original repertoire, written by the leader of the sextet Antoine Pierre, is inspired by the electric period of Miles Davis, and particularly the album 'Bitches Brew'. Recorded at Brussels' charismatic venue Flagey in January 2020 - during the first public presentation of this new music!-, the music of Suspended is groovy and sparkling. It's an eruption of sound and energy. Sometimes a trance, sometimes a flight to a stunning climax.


With Jean-Paul Estiévenart on trumpet, Bert Cools on guitar, Bram De Looze on piano, Felix Zurstrassen on bass, Antoine Pierre on drums and Frédéric Malempré on percussion + guests: Ben Van Gelder on saxophone, Reinier Baas on guitar and Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes.


URBEX has played over 50 concerts since their start in 2015 (Gent Jazz & Jazz Middelheim Festivals (Be), PBA (Be), Flagey (Be), Paradox (NL), Bimhuis (NL), Altes Pfandhaus (De), Soleils Bleus festival (Fr),…).  They released two albums on Igloo Records ("Urbex" 2016, "Sketches Of Nowhere" 2018), both acclaimed by the critics and the public. "Sketches Of Nowhere" received the labels 'CHOC Jazz Magazine', 'Indispensable JazzNews' and 'MUST TSF Jazz' as well as ‘Octave de la Musique 2018’.

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Picture © Johan Jacobs

Antoine Pierre Urbex 

Igloo Records, 01/2016

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"The tracks are intelligent, sophisticated, carefully worked (...). There is something of a painter's work, sketching out huge landscapes, creating atmosphere, a particular climate. There is something of Claude Monet in the fluidity, delicate touch, the impression. But also some Spilliaert in the atmosphere and mystery . And also some Pollock in the energy, the dynamics, the splash of colors." (Le Soir, J.-C. V.)

Antoine Pierre Urbex #2

"Sketches Of Nowhere"

Igloo Records, 04/2018

must TSF.png

Like nightcrawlers we stumble from one atmosphere into the next, the whole album through.(...) It makes Sketches of Nowhere a fascinating addition to the fast expanding catalogue of Belgium’s new wave of jazz. Dive in.” (nessradio.com)