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Listen to the 3 "Extended Tracks" (June 2019) :  the continuity of the album "Sketches Of Nowhere" (2018)

Pictures © Stefaan Temmerman 


On tour :

Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet

Bert Cools - guitar, electronics

Bram De Looze - piano

Félix Zurstrassen - electric bass

Antoine Pierre - drums

+ on the album URBEX ELECTRIC "Variations on Bitches Brew" (2020)

Ben Van Gelder - sax

Reinier Baas - guitar

Jozef Dumoulin - rhodes

Frédéric Malempré - percussions

Antoine Pierre URBEX has been intensively experimenting on stage its creation in 2016. The repertoire of « Sketches Of Nowhere » is now retrieved live by the core of the band: 

the quintet. 


The tracks of "Sketches of Nowhere" mark a real turning point for URBEX: the sonic atmosphere is hypnotic, the acoustic piano of Bram De Looze blends into the electrifying sound effects of Bert Cools. Felix Zurstrassen remains the pillar of the group around which all lines of force converge, but bass riffs have become more groovy and catchy, with the typic-al impacts of electronic music. The trumpet of Jean Paul Estivénart adds once again a stubborn and powerful dimension to the overall sound of the band. 


The quintet has plenty of space to express the individuality of each musician during collective improvisations framed by the compositions. Thus, this allows a recreation of the repertoire at every single concert. Indeed, the compositions of "Sketches Of Nowhere » can be played in dozens of possible versions, according to the unpredictable parameters of the present moment: NOW-HERE. Volumes and dynamics as well are tempo's are in perpetual motion; the group's cohesion is constantly tested in this triumphant exercise of listening and feeling. 

On 16.01.2020 URBEX will present a new repertoire based on the energy and the atmosphere of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew.  

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Antoine Pierre Urbex 

Igloo Records, 01/2016

"The tracks are intelligent, sophisticated, carefully worked (...). There is something of a painter's work, sketching out huge landscapes, creating atmosphere, a particular climate. There is something of Claude Monet in the fluidity, delicate touch, the impression. But also some Spilliaert in the atmosphere and mystery . And also some Pollock in the energy, the dynamics, the splash of colors." (Le Soir, J.-C. V.)

Antoine Pierre Urbex #2

"Sketches Of Nowhere"

Igloo Records, 04/2018

Like nightcrawlers we stumble from one atmosphere into the next, the whole album through.(...) It makes Sketches of Nowhere a fascinating addition to the fast expanding catalogue of Belgium’s new wave of jazz. Dive in.” (