VAAGUE and Le Motel join forces to create Kintsugi, a track that is both threatening and soothing.
From the first note, we dive into a trippy drum beat accompanied by the sounds of water movements. Suddenly, the bass enters, oppressive like a tidal wave that can be seen in the distance. A melody takes shape, minimalist, and dances with the drums, as to welcome the wave.
A short moment of calm before the storm, the bass and the acoustic rhythmic disappear. The melody resonates, in the mist.
All of a sudden, we decide to jump into the waves: the bass comes back in a glimpse and the acoustic drums leave place to the drum-machines in an electro-UK part. Our head swings and we are surprised by the return of the acoustic drums which takes back its rights and makes the whole piece disappear with it, like a waking dream.

31.03.2022, Shapes No Frame 
Music produced by VAAGUE & Le Motel
Recorded November 1st 2021 by Pierre Dozin at Jet Studio, Brussels
Mixed by Jean Vanesse at greenHouse Studio, Beaumont (BE)
Mastered by Mark Bihler at Calyx Studio, Berlin